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Simply The Best Firefox Plugin Out There

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I know that everybody has their own favorite Firefox plugin and depending on what you do the most online there are most likely a few that come to mind. That is the beauty of the plug-in options, no matter what you use the web for the odds are you can find a plug-in to help you do it better. Well keeping that in mind, what if there was one Firefox plugin that could offer something for everybody, literally! One that does not take up a lot of resources to use and that is totally hidden until you need it and you could call it up with a simple keyboard shortcut?


Well, most people would say "cool, what is it, I'll check it out" right? I hope so, because that is exactly what Ubiquity is, the simplest and most useful Firefox plug-in out there. I don't know a person who will not find one, if not many uses for this power house plug-in. I use the word count, email, ebay translate, map and quite a few other features on it every day. But, you know what if you want a new command, you can even edit or create your own.


Here is a video that touches on some of the more common uses of the best firefox of all time in my book, Ubiquity!


Video Link: http://vimeo.com/1561578



If you are using Firefox as your default web browser, you owe it to yourself to download and install this one: https://mozillalabs.com/ubiquity/

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