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how to install phpb33 theme with your web host?

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Today, I wanted to install a phpb33 theme with my web host as I wanted to make a new forum for myself. Then I came through tutorial. I hope this tutorial shall help you if you are planning to open your own forum.


--->First, download the style you have chosen from the styles database.


--->After you have finished downloading the style you will find that it is a compressed zip file. You will need to use a program such as winzip to extract the compressed file to your computer. Some operating systems such as Windows XP will have a built in program that can be used to extract the zip file to your computer.


--->Once you have extracted the compressed file you should find that you have a folder which contains all the styles files. You will need to upload this folder via FTP using an FTP client such as Filezilla or smartFTP. The folder will need to be uploaded into the styles folder of the phpBB3 board. In the directory tree of your ftp client it will be phpBB3/styles/. (replacing phpBB3 with your boards folder name)

--->Now you can set about installing the newly uploaded style to your board. Browse to your board via it's URI. Log into your board and then browse to the Admin control panel via the link at the bottom of your board.


--->Assuming you have the relevant permissions to do so in the Admin control panel you will need to click the styles tab in the Admin control panel.

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Great. Thanks for your input jr_sci.


I tried this for one of my new forum with phpbbb. I guess you mistyped, phpbbb as phpb33. Please check this out and edit your part.


I also want to know if phpbbb is better or VB is better to set up a forum?

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If you are talking about it right, the official forums name is "phpBB" the latest stable version is "phpBB3". If you can afford it, vBulletin is always the best option.

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