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Spoiler Rules

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Nothing can make someone more mad than finding out about important events in a movie by reading it prematurely, and since we have this new forum, some basic internet etiquette needs to be put into action.



If you are going to be saying anything that may be important or is a revealing secret or plot twist that has to do with a TV Show or Movie always include this phrase as your post title, and at the top of the post itself..




No it doesn't have to be like that specifically, but it needs to stand out and be noticeable. If you post a spoiler without the tag, it will be edited or deleted. This includes all spoilers, if you don't know whether or not to put spoiler tags in your post, you might as well to be safe.


If Your Post Starts Like This It Should Include A Spoiler Tag


  • I liked the part when...
  • Remember when he/she...
  • I hated/liked the part where they...
  • The ending was ok but they should've...
  • Who would've known that they were the...


Use common sense when placing spoiler tags, just because it didn't use one of the above phrases doesn't mean it shouldn't include spoiler tags. Be mature and smart when deciding. We are currently working on finding an add on for official spoiler tags for this vBulleting version but right now that's just not a priority.


You can discuss this and add your comments down below.



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This was the one thing that made me so angry about the movie Twilight. So many people told the story of what happened in the movie when it came out and I didn't appreciate that. They even left spoil reports on reviews and I can't stand that. Very good food for thought.

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