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HTACCESS coding tutorial

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Here's an easy to follow htaccess tutorial for all you newbie webmasters out there, including myself! :)


(Please note that this is NOT my tutorial... I simply found this while browsing and thought it might be useful)



HTACCESS is a remarkable tool you can use for password protection, error handling (like custom 404 pages), or HTTP redirects. It can also be used to transform whole folders in seconds: adding headers to all your HTML documents, watermarking all your images, and more.


A wrapper is like a middleman. Using htaccess you can tell your web server to "forward" certain files to PHP scripts of yours. When a visitor tries to load an image in their browser, you could activate a script that adds a watermark to the image. When an HTML page is loaded you could query an IP-to-country database and have your HTML pages translated into the native language of your visitor

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Great article Bushman!


Thanks :)


Theres some gold in there!



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Gold? I love gold!


Nice article. A few tricks in there I hadn't seen before.




Am I hearing this right. You have not seen a few of those tricks. What is the world coming to. :rotfl:

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