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Free stock photography

How do you get your images for your projects?  

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  1. 1. How do you get your images for your projects?

    • I pay for traditional stock images, from the big boys, like Getty and Corbis ($$$)
    • I pay for alternative imagery, from sites like iStockPhoto.com ($)
    • I use free stock imagery, and respect photographers' rights by giving them credit
    • I take my own photographs for my projects
    • I rip off images from Google images and other websites.

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If you're in the business of designing websites, you probably have a collection or database of images that you use. Keep in mind that not all images found on the net can be reused as freely as you would like. Commercial photographers like to be paid for their work, and they'll sell their images to companies like Getty Images or Corbis. In turn, these stock photography companies will license the image to you, on a per-use basis, or for a much larger fee, give you exclusive rights to the image. If you don't feel like shelling out big bucks for images, there are alternative sources for good, FREE stock photography.



Stock.XCHNG has a huge gallery containing over 200,000 quality stock photos by more than 15,000 photographers.



A nice, personal collection of city/urban shots from Paris, Morocco, San Francisco, Amsterdam.


Free UK Stock Images

A collection of 2500 original medium resolution stock photos in 58 Galleries


Wikipedia's public domain image resources

Wikipedia has a great links page to various online resources of free, public domain images.


Images from old books

If you're looking for scanned images, engravings and pictures from old books, check out this site. The site features "over 1600 images scanned from more than 100 different old books, most with multiple high-resolution versions and many with text excerpts! They are mostly public domain (copyright-free, out of copyright) here in Canada, and often in other countries too, unless otherwise noted, and can be used as historical reference in teaching, royalty-free stock images, scrapbook clip art, or even on your own Web site."


Morgue File

The morgue file contains free high resolution digital stock photography for either corporate or public use.


Pixel Perfect Digital

Offering stock images in 12 categories... not a large database of images, but good quality and of high resolution.



A collection of approx. 3000+ images



Another collection of approx. 15,000 images and textures.



While some of the images are in the Public Domain, most are released under Creative Commons, GNU FDL or similar licenses.


Free Photos Bank

More free stock images


ALWAYS read the licensing information... some sites require that you at least credit the photograph back to the photographer or website, using some type of caption.


If you have any other great resources of free imagery, please post them here!


David :tup:

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Some great links there ;)


I once read about a guy on another forum that had used an image from another website, with the websites permission. But the image had been taken from Getty images.


Getty images did not waste any time in getting their lawyers to work :eek:


I think I will take my own pictures, just to be on the safe side lol

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When possible I take my own photos. Later this month I'll be in Belize to

take some photos for a person down there and help with their website.


I subscribe to clipart.com and find they have a great selection of photos

as well as clipart.



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Where is Belize?


Just south of Mexico to the right on Guatemala

on the Carribean Sea (south of Gulf of Mexico).:cool:

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