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Optimize XP

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I found this great guide yesterday to make your pc run faster and i must say i have seen some nice improvments to my pc's performance some of the things are pretty obvious but some werent.


I must also say that you are using the guide and so any damage it may cause etc im not liable for it but thats highly unlikley if you follow the guide properly you will be just fine.




theres also some other guides on there i suggest you read some of them are very useful :smile:

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Seems the site is down hopefully not for long, while we wait heres a list of tools to use and most are self explanatory


c cleaner

cw shredder


boot vis

page dfrg


most can be found at http://www.downloads.com


Im sure the site will be up soon of not ill happily write an atricle explaining it in as much detail as possible with a few extra tweaks aimed towards gaming etc.

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