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Fabio Cuffaro

Facebook Data Breach

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According to UpGuard, a cyber risk solution company, 540 million Facebook user data records were compromised after third-party apps and sites stored data on unsecured servers. 

Social Media Toda reported that there has been a decline in usage YOY.  This is not surprising since there has been a rise in other social platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat. 

I have been less active on the social platforms for some time now. When I post, it's usually related to marketing or local news, but the posts are few and far between. The social media platforms used to be fun when they first launched due to their novelty and the ability to easily connect with past friends, but it's not as attractive anymore, especially after these data breaches.

Are you still active on social media? If so, which platforms? 


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I still use Twitter.  With data breaches becoming common the requirements to cross sign up (i.e. login with....) if I cannot join or login with an email I just won't join a site.

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