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Fabio Cuffaro

Google Chrome Login Change

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Updating your Google Chrome browser to the latest version 69, will now automatically sign you into the browser without your permission - it seems. Chrome recently updated on my PC and I started noticing that my profile picture from Gmail started showing up in my browser. You can see the screenshot below. 


By signing into your browser, Google starts collecting data about your browsing habits and personalizes Chrome and other services like Search and ads. I like Chrome, but moves like this make me question Google's intention when I am not even prompted or notified of signing in. I have now logged out of Chrome by following these instructions https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/185277. [Edit] It seems that when I log out of Chrome I can't sign into my Gmail account or other services. When I do sign into Gmail, it automatically signs me back into Chrome.

I'm not ready to change browser yet, but I may be tempted to try something else. I do use Opera https://www.opera.com/ occasionally to test certain sites and search results out, which may be a good alternative. 

Does this change make you want to change browser? 

You can read more about this change here https://textslashplain.com/tag/privacy/

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I didn't like Chrome to start with.  This makes me want to avoid it totally.

Microsoft (right now) is the opposite. It's a PIA that you have to keep logging in when you visit different sections of the properties.  They don't let you copy and paste your password into the login forms either. :sad:


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It seems that Google decided to make some changes in the next Chrome update next month. The default setting will still log people into Chrome, but after the update, people will be able to log out of the browser.

The issue, however, is that many people, if not most, don't look at or even know how to make changes to their browser settings. This means that they will be logged in and tracked. A little sneaky if you ask me. 

You can read more here https://techcrunch.com/2018/09/26/google-to-give-chrome-users-an-opt-out-to-forced-login-after-privacy-backlash/

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