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Pheobe Downer

Thoughts about Anthony Bourdain's Sudden Death

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I don't really want to question about his sudden death. But I'm just curious about the reason behind. I read some rumors that he was diagnosed as an alcoholic. I just don't get the connection between alcoholism and suicide but I find it alarming. Honestly, the reason why I am curious is that I have an uncle who is an alcoholic. However, as far as I know, he doesn't have any serious issues. He's a funny guy. He makes us laugh every time. He's always sharing any random stories. But he just loves to drink most of the time. So now, I am a bit confused and felt a bit worried. Can alcoholism be considered a sign of depression even you don't see or feel that a person is undergoing a serious life problem?

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Hi @Cherrysmile. Thanks for your opinion. Due to curiosity and at the same time I am really concerned about my Uncle, I did a research about alcoholism and depression. I found out symptoms of depression specifically in men. I don't notice any of these top signs with my uncle: change in sleeping habits, loss of interest, irritability, and anger. So I guess he's not depressed or facing any serious problem. Maybe he's just really alcoholic 😐. I know this is not healthy too but I will try to convince him to limit his alcohol intake.

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