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Could a niche product be too niche?

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Hi, I thought I have found a niche that would work quite well. I created a seemingly good sales page, get ranked no 1 on Google for 'collecting autographs for profit' and yet I have no visitors and so sales. Is it the niche that I've chosen? Is it the product? What am I doing wrong? Perhaps is the sales page (collectautographsforprofit.com ) Can someone give me a few suggestions on how to market this for conversions. 
I am trying Google adwords (2 days now) but although my ad is at the top for the chosen keywords such as 'collect autographs' and 'collecting autographs' there is no human interaction. Could it be that this will never convert, that there is no buyer for this, that this niche is too niche? The site is quite new.
I appreciate your advise.

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