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Redirect updating Is it worth doing?

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Is it worth doing re direct external link revising or updating.
I don't mind doing broken links removal (once a year) or changing but re directs I have about 60 or so.


A lot of mine are either to or from http://www. website  to http://website

or the other way around.


Quiet why they have done this as most of my links do not sell anything and don't need to be "secure"
There was a rumour that having an https helped with SEO.


All of them work or the ones I have tried do so what is if any the advantage of changing an external link to the new redirect URL?

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Your question is a bit confusing Jasper.


For better SEO fixing links so they point to the same url (the one you want to use/promote) is better.  i.e. More links pointing to the same page is better for the page.


Yes Google is pushing using https.  PIA for someone that does not sell anything but if you want to play the Google game you have to follow their rules. :)

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These are external links I have on my website (for users benefit) that have changed and are 301 re directs.

They get to the page intended nevertheless.
But may take a second longer to download due to the re direct.


Does this harm my page SEO?


I have no idea what PIA means/is.  P = Pointless?
Just looked it up (on Google!) "Private Internet Access"
Does google have a  "rule" on https now?


My traffic has doubled in the last 12 months to its best ever.

To be honest I have done nothing at all SEO wise in the last 12 months.

Changing anything may harm this perhaps?

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Pointing to external reference sites is good.  Those sites redirecting themselves isn't a big deal for you however seeing people are impatient these days it would be better if you took the time to fix the links on your end.
PIA = Pain in the Ass

Back in 2014 Google posted to their Webmaster Central Blog:
HTTPS as a ranking signal

In November they posted:
Here’s to more HTTPS on the web!

There are lots of things that help you rank. HTTPs is only one of them.

Read this:
Google’s HTTPS algorithm still only looks at the URL to give ranking boost

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Thanks for that WW.
I checked out Google and it said that migrating to https may have a short term drop in traffic so I wont be bothering especially as its more expensive.
I note this site is still http!

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You should use https now and I dont think it will create much issue for you. Rather it would be better for your website.

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