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Trying to make Wordpress use RESTful API

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I am looking for just a starting point.  I am looking for guidance in simply being pointed in the right direction because this is kind of intense.


Me and a couple of other people have put together an e-commerce site (I will not tell you the url because I am not here to promote it).  The web site is a  wordpress website(yes, the plugins have gotten that advanced now). The distributor, the people who actually make and send out the products, have made is such that I can communicate with them via RESTFUL API calls.  I have looked at some of the wordpress plug-ins for this and it seems that they will allow me only to do command-line web server calls to my website from outside.


How can I code my website to make the calls to the REST API of another website?  I do not know where the best place is to go to start researching this?  Maybe I need to hard code the PHP of my website somewhere?


I am just look for a starting point and advice at this point.

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