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Fabio Cuffaro

Setting Up Gmail Alias on Blackberry 10

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PC to Mac

This past week I ditched my Windows 10 PC and decided to try out Mac. The decision has had its consequences. The issue so far has been email. I've used Outlook for years and I pay for Office 365 so I downloaded Office 365 to my new Mac and set up the emails. The main issue is spam. I use about 10 email addresses and they each get tons of spam. With Windows I had purchased a spam monitoring program that installs itself in Outlook and filters out the spam. It did a great job, but unfortunately they don't have a version for Outlook on Mac. This lead me to seek alternatives to Outlook, which brought me to Google Apps. 


Google Apps

I had never considered Google Apps since I was quite happy with Outlook. I am not a fan of Gmail, but I decided to give it a try since there's a 30 day free trial. I quickly learned that managing multiple emails is not as easy as Outlook. Since all email is handled through the host, all one has to do is add each email in Outlook and they all come into a main inbox. When I set up a second email in Google Apps, it created a new user with its own inbox. This is not convenient, especially that one has to pay for each user. Through some research I discovered that one can add aliases to the main account and have all emails in one inbox. Perfect! Well not exactly. Doing this alone, will have all incoming emails sent to one inbox, but when you reply, it'll reply using the main email address. Through more research, I discovered that there's a simple solution. So now, everything works, right? On Gmail yes, but when I tried adding the email addresses to my Blackberry Passport, I came across a new problem. 


Blackberry Email Set Up

The other issues are well documented. Setting up Gmail aliases on Blackberry, not so much. That's what prompted me to to write this post. After much research and attempts, I figured it out. It's quite simple actually. Of course, it always seems easy once you know how to do it. 


To set up Gmail on Blackberry is easy. You add the email address, click submit and then Blackberry leads you to your Google account so that you can assign permission for Blackberry to access the account. This is the error that people make when adding the Gmail alias. If you do this, when you reply, it'll use the main email address. 


Follow the instructions below to add your Gmail alias.


To set up your alias, go to your email settings and click Add Account. 




Then the next step is what makes all the difference. You must click Advanced at the bottom so that you can add the information manually.




Finally, once you're in the Advanced section, click on IMAP. (You must have IMAP enabled in Gmail)




For the fields, here's what you need to use:


Username: the main gmail email address


Email address: your alias address


Password: your password


Server Address: imap.gmail.com


SMTP Username: the main gmail email address


SMTP Password:  your password


SMTP address: smtp.gmail.com


Click done!


That's it! Now when someone emails that alias, you will receive email to that inbox on Blackberry, and when you reply, it'll use the alias address. 




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Nice tutorial Fabio!


Windows Live desktop has the same problem with multiple emails (separate account for each).  I also have one email hosting that uses aliases and when I try to send from one of them it sends from the main account.  Frustrating because Outlook Express didn't do this and I have not found a desktop email software that works like Outlook Express did. (other than buying Outlook)

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It's stored on the computer. You also get the online version.


Unlike Google Apps, Office 365 has desktop and online version. By downloading to the desktop, your files remain on the PC, or local, if you have a server. 

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