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Windows 8.1 is horrible!

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New Laptop with Windows 8.1 for my other half and have spent three days setting it up.


I am used to XP and think 8.1 is a total load of crap.

My only hope is that the FREE Windows 10 will be much much better – it can’t be any worse!  Can it?


Not everyone wants their personal files and e mails linked via the web, cloud stored.

Not everyone wants a Microsoft “account” in addition to their almost obligatory Google account just so their bloody e mail works!


Why mess with the desktop?  I don’t want a start screen “app charms” and all that other shit. I just want what I use on MY desktop as a shortcut Icon.  I loaded my Word and Excel 97 (I am not paying £100 for the 2013 version! and will never ever use Office 360!) and cannot get either on a desktop shortcut.


I have downloaded Mozilla Thunderbird e mail program to avoid “joining” Microsoft and to be fair it is actually BETTER than anything Microsoft have done in windows 8.1.


I must say that IE11 looks great and works better than previous versions so they have actually improved something in the last 11 years since I bought my XP PC.


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I've just upgraded to Windows 10. So far, I don't see much difference. I had to make some adjustments for performance. 


Windows is the only operating system I've used. I once had tried Ubuntu, but didn't like the limitations with software compatibility. I'm a little turned off right now with Windows because of all of the privacy issues, so I've been considering getting a Mac. It's a big step, but I'm ready for change. 

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I wouldn't touch anything Apple!

It would be like having a PC with a Google operating system.


I am looking for a PC and was waiting for Windows 10. But I want it in the box not an upgrade.

HP Pavillion 500-459na looks the part at the moment.



Would have liked a Solid State drive but for the money, this looks like the one to go for.

What do you think?

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