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HELP Back up hard disc data gone?

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I really hope someone can help me.

I used my back up hard drive for the recovery files (which I can only copy once) for my partners new Laptop and now it seems that's all that is on my back up hard disc.


The hard disc is 250GB and this drive is shown as "F" when it was Verbatim before.

it says 11GB used 31GB free. I am hoping that all my files are still on it as I cant understand why this Hard Disc is now only a 42GB capacity.  


Is there anyway I can see what is on the hard disc?

I have put it in my Desktop and clicked My Computer and then clicked on the on the drive only to see the recovery files and nothing else.

Its a bit of a waste of a £50 hard disc in any event but more importantly, I've lost some files from another PC  I can't re back up.

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Did you try view hidden files?


You probably shouldn't have done the restore disk information onto your external drive and should have used CDs/DVDs.  It probably wiped out your other stuff. :(

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No hidden files.

Seems strange as it shows a total of 31.9GB with 11.4GB free on an external  hard disc that was 250GB


Looks like I am buying a new Hard Disc don't it?

Luckily, I have most of the data not on my PC on an old CD. 


By the way, it said SIX DVDs would be required and this would have taken ages.

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Yes we can buy packs of DVDs but I dont think I've heard of stacking them for the PC dvd writer to burn.


I am replacing my Hard Disc with a 64GB memory stick (Flash drive)  

I have backed up all my PC files on 4  DVDs too.  Just in case.


I have read too many reports of people's external hard drives crashing losing all their data.

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