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Strange referrals showing up in Analytics and also listed as landing pages!

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I have noted fro some time that I have some strange referrals in analytics such as buttonsofrwebsitesdotcom and semalt.

Quite what they hope to gain from crawling my site messing uop the stats I dont know.


But my new mobile version is now up and running m.brand-newhomes.co.uk and in just two days I have got some worrying porn referrals. amanda-porn.ga / referral and generalporn.org amongst  them.  Ordinarily I wouldnt worry too much about thme I just add them tio the filter in analytics and they will in time dispappear from the referrals.


But I have also noticed they are being listed as "Landing Pages"  as /www.amanda-porn.ga  along with my pages such as  /best-home-builders.htm


I have looked in my webspace using Fileziller and cannot find any of these rogue pages such as the example above.

Obviously something is going on and I am wondering 

1) How to stop it?  if I can?

2) Is it harmful or dangerous to my website rankings?

3) How could it have happened?

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I've done this, but all they do is just change a small bit of the URL adding a number or www. and back they all come, month after month.

It is making Google Analytics meaningless.

GOOGLE should do something about it soon.


www5.free-social-buttons.com / referral

site4.free-share-buttons.com / referral

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