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How I Increased Website Traffic by 644,575 Visitors in One Month

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This is quite a long read but has some great ideas on how to increase your website traffic: How I Increased Website Traffic by 644,575 Visitors in One Month


Take note of objective #1:


Objective #1: Improve The Site’s SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) isn’t the be all, end all in itself. But, the site I was working on was poorly optimized. So, one of the objectives was to improve traffic levels, particularly traffic from Google. Improving the site’s SEO gave me some quick wins – immediately increasing the site’s rankings in Google, driving new traffic to the website.


The work I completed included improving the page titles, rewriting meta descriptions, implementing redirects, and changing the site structure. The changes were key to improving the site’s performance in Google’s organic results.



You want your brand found in the SERPs after you do all the rest of the stuff he did. :)


I also like the part of putting all your stuff on your site instead of other people's sites.

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