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Are you using Flipboard?

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So many social media sites, so little time...


Are any of you using Flipboard?


According to this article at WebProNews, it could be a source of traffic for your site:


This week, Flipboard launched a new web version. It’s available for the desktop for the first time after being mobile-only since 2010. While it already has millions of users from phones and tablets, this opens it up to more people, and to more usage from existing users. Think about those who spend all day on a computer at the office. It seems like as good a time as any to consider how you might be able to get some traffic to your blog or website from it.

Are You Grabbing Traffic From Flipboard?

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Off to a great start!

"Sorry! You are using a browser or version that is not compatible with Flipboard. To view this content, please upgrade to one of the supported browsers listed in our FAQ, or download our mobile app."

The FAQ are not available or a the link to download their mobile app.


In FF, it doesn't work at all without scripting enabled... and after you let the scripts run there is still no link to FAQ.

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