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Don't know about you, but my email subscriber list isn't that big so I am looking at ways to increase it.  I'm liking the sounds of this strategy:

Why less really is more
Contrary to what you might think, my list didn’t grow because I tried a bunch of different tactics.
My list grew because I practiced the Pareto Principle.
This idea was introduced in the 1790s by the man himself, Vilfredo Pareto.
It’s based on the idea that 20% of our effort produces 80% of our results.
In other words, whatever our goals are, there are a small handful of strategies that give us most of our results.
This means that, instead of trying to do a ton of different tactics to grow our email list, it’s smart to focus on 1 or 2 key things that’ll give us the most bang for our buck.


How to Practically Guarantee Your Email List Will Double in the Next 90 Days


Read the whole article and tell me what you think of this strategy.

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