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Looking to buy a new PC soon!

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I am looking to buy a new PC in the spring.


I want to have:

At least Intel i5 processor.

Windows 10 OS

Digital graphics for my digital monitor.



DVD re writer


I quite like Lenovo but am worried the Chinese may add something that lets them hack in the future.

My old Compaq has done me well, no issues in 10 years so i would consider an HP PC.

I am not sure about Acer or many other makes. 

Sony would too expensive.


Does anyone have any recommendations?




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I am kind of out of the loop these days as to who has the best stuff.  The machines I had built from scratch I have an Intel processor in them and they both still run but only up to XP at the moment.


We have had 3 HP machines.  This one I am using right now never did run Windows 7 properly.  It was a cheap set purchased in a moment of urgency.  I thought the previous computer had died but of course when we took it in it worked fine for the computer tech.  The other two just started to die and the other party here wasn't patient enough to use work arounds to live with them.


My laptop is an old Acer.  I came to find out their cd player couldn't play certain homemade cds but maybe they have fixed that problem by now.

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Thanks for that. 

You can never really know but I suppose you get what you pay for,

I am expecting a few issues with Windows 10 until it gets sorted and will be keeping this PC until it dies - just in case.

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