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I have a reasonably good idea for an APP and have had a quick look for free software.

Most of what I have seen has some drawbacks such as:

1) Charging a huge (£9) monthly fee (twice my existing hosting costs)

2) Requiring advertising which they keep revenue for

3) Not listing on Google Play or Apple store

4) Not allowing you to charge for your APP.


I have no idea how many APPS I will sell, it could be huge it could be 20 a month!  I only intend to charge £0.45  which I think is fair.  


I have no idea how they work or how to set them up. It looks like HTML5 versions of website pages hosted on my server?

What I want to do is to have a mathematical calculator type widget.


I am not expecting the APP software to provide me it for nothing and would share revenue.


Any ideas anyone?

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Thanks for that WW, you always know where to look.

I think AppMakr looks the best bet.

But to do it properly, commercially its going cost me I think.

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I have built the app and you can play with it here or download it to an android device.

It is a property tax calculator. http://yournewhome.at/stampdutycalculator

problem is it has this warning



Do you want to install this application? It will get access to:


Take pictures and Videos


Modify and delete contents of USB storage

Read google service configuration.

Device access

WiFi – Full network access      View network connections    View WiFi connections

Control vibration

Test access to protected storage


AppMkr say it is so whatever app is made it will cover all eventualities, even though mine doesn't need any of this. 

It may certainly put people off downloading it.


I have got an HTML5 website program, I ended up upgrading my Serif webplus as I am used to it now and the forum is very helpful.

So it should work on all mobile devices once I have finished updating the design and uploading.

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I don't know much about apps but if I was a beginner adding apps to my device that notice would definately put me off.

It does!  I wouldn't even download it to my own tablet!

Just my mobile phone - just in case!

You have to wonder how these free app sites make their money.

OK a little from the adverts I dont mind, but possibly selling e  mail addresses etc, no thanks!

The "app" is sort of on the back burner at the moment as I want to get my website re designed and uploaded with HTML5

I have been putting this off for about 9 months now.

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