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Bytebull or Qualityhostonline for reselling. Please help to compare

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I would like to consult with experienced webmasters regarding the choice of web host to start reselling VIDEO hosting.
I need over 30 gbs of space, 350 gbs of bandwidth, Linux os, video hosting support.
Do you think that I can rely on Bytebull.com? Or maybe it will be better to choose Qualityhostonline.com? Do you know anything about them?
What host is better? Why?

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I would recommend anyone to Bytebull.com. I have been hosting my site for over a year and have no problems dealing with this host.

Not only is their staff knowledgeable and friendly, but their responses are faster than any other hosting company I've been with.


Try to contact their sales rep and ask for any discounts.

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