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NetObjectsFusion2013 website design program - dont waste your money

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NetObjectsFusion2013 website design program is bad enough without personal insults from their CEO Steve Raubenstine
Well I finally took the plunge and downloaded NetObjects Fusion2013 website design software.
My intention was to re vamp my website using HMTL5.
Well from my experience I wouldn’t recommend this program or NetObjects to my worst enemy.
Unlike other website design programs, Fusion 2013 has all the little icons you need hidden away, requiring drop-down menus, and a few clicks to get what you want.  “Help” is non-existent. 
There is no manual. The forum is pretty useless too!
Even using a basic template, any novice would most definitely struggle.
I have been a webmaster on and off for 8 years I and I couldn’t get on with it. I wasted countless hours trying to find things like Meta tags, trying to import existing pages.  Even uploading a page required me to update Java and that took an hour to find out!!
Every single thing I tried felt like a fight against the program to force it to do it.  A bit like cryptic crossword clues.
In my opinion, this is by far, THE WORST software I have ever downloaded in the last 20 years. DO NOT BUY IT!
My advice to everyone is DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY and more importantly your valuable time trying to learn this 'dog’s dinner' of a program.
So after three days I asked for a refund. Simple enough you would think?
Oh no it’s not.  NetObjects say the refund must come from it’s e commerce partner, they in turn say to contact NetObjects.
Taking my payment was instant, getting the refund has taken four days thus far and could take up to another 7 days until my card is re credited.  
Then this morning, I got this reply from NetObjects CEO Steve Raubenstine which beggars belief!

".........................Regarding the email from John ****** I do not condone any customer communication that is sarcastic or condescending in any way and I will speak with him. 
You have to admit you sounded like a pompous ass in your original email.  I'm not surprised the response you received was sarcastic; you must get that a lot."





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