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Has anyone else come across Ron Walters - iGamingSEO.net?

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I have received two e mails from Ron Walters of iGamingSEO.net.

Both were sent on a Sunday.

As these appeared to be bone fide advertising opportunities, I replied to confirm I might  be interested.

It then transpired that he expected ME to write an article for his client, he would then vet it, and if it was acceptable, I would be allowed to upload it to my website with links to this client's website and a few others for "authority"    


I  e mailed him a price for writing the article and a separate annual rate for uploading and hosting.

I never had a reply from Ron@iGamingSEO.net  but on the next Sunday he was at it again e mailing me again this time via my other website with the same proposal! 


He is even at it on this website forum too!  http://technofreax.blogspot.co.uk/2014_06_01_archive.html



Even his own 4 page, content-less website is rubbish!  

It even has a "copyright 2014"    Quite why anyone would copy that website  is a mystery! (in my opinion)

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