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What Traditional Link Building has Evolved Into

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Search Engine Land posts the following link building posts to their Google+ account.

News Jacking

We all know that Google frowns upon trying — in any way, shape or form — to get links (they’re serious, guys). Yet, links still play a very large role in determining SERP rankings. If you can’t ask for or chase down high-quality, authoritative links, what’s a marketer to do?
You have to earn them.
In this case study, I’ll share with you the spectacular story of how I earned a ton of fantastic press coverage and links from massive publications — and got the CEO of Groupon fired in the process (ok, perhaps I can’t take all the credit, but…).


Still Newsjacking For Links? Forget That, Make The News Instead!


Scaling Ethical Link Building

amongst veterans is a knowledge that link building is not so black and white — that quality ultimately underpins the value of a particular type of link building. Easy to say, of course, but is it quantifiable?


Future-Proof Your Online Business
Why Google Doesn’t Like Link Building

On the web, links are essentially “votes.” Good, useful and authoritative content gets more links. Genuine links provided by satisfied users and consumers serve as reliable endorsements of quality content. That’s why Google and other search engines value them highly.


But when you, the website or business owner, set out to proactively acquire more “votes” for your website (aka link building), this can be perceived as trying to convince people that you are better than you really are. So Google doesn’t like people who do it… in a certain manner.



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