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Need suggestion to fine options on SEO and lead generation software

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Guys I am looking for SEO and lead generation software however I am good in SEO so understand that mass can be a good tool to use but still I prefer some more options and in other hand I highly need a lead generation software but bit confuse to choose is there any place I can use to share my custom requirement in software or have multiple options to choose one. Even I find some software directories but it did not help me also looking for software marketplace where I can find a software marketer and they submit their software. I found scriddler.com that help me to choose an HRMS software but still I am in search. Please suggest me

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Instead of relying on software, have you reviewed your site to see what can be done to improve conversions? or even get interested people to contact you?


When I get a lead I put their email into a separate folder under Leads.  Leads ->Their name

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