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Contact Us Form Spamming problem

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I have used "Forms To Go Lite" for my Contact Us Form on:



I thought I had been clever by having a hidden question, with validation that meant if it was filled in with anything except empty spaces, it stopped it from working to stop spammers.


But I get several emails (today five) from phfvzr@nikejashoes.com  sending me loads of links for this website   in the message body. like this one:



I searched the hhelong.com website on Google and it looks like it is dumping links in loads of websites and is a major problem.


My first question is, How can this be of any benefit to them?

The links are in an e mail not on my website so are worthless for SEO?


and my second question is, Does anyone have any ideas on how I can stop it?

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It doesn't benefit them.  It's a bot looking for any form it can fill in and hoping it is a comment form that is not moderated.


You can try a hidden check box that only the bots will see.  If checked then don't send the email.

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Thanks for comfirming.

I cannot see how to do the checkbox unchecked as my version of Forms To Go doesnt have the validation option you suggested.


What I did didn't work so I have re tired using the same settings as for the design and pre design questionnaire forms as these dont attrcat spam.


At least no harm is being done just a bit of a nuisance though!

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