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5 Directory Submission Ideas for Local and Global Online Businesses

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Getting the right directory listing is so important.  Do your research instead of submitting wildly.




Submitting the URL of a site to online directories has been a viable SEO tactic as well as a well-justified promo practice since the early days of Internet marketing. It has been abused to an extent, too – most by unsavvy SEO newbies who sometimes think quantity over quality, and strive for quick SEO gains.


After Penguin 2.0 hit, there’ve been rumors regarding the ineffectiveness of directory submissions for SEO, or even the potential dangers this practice holds.


However, if you read this interview with Andre Weyher (an ex-member of the Matt Cutts team), you probably know that getting listed in a relevant, reputable directory cannot possibly hurt your site. Quite on the contrary – this can get you a decent flow of traffic, increase your rankings, and help you perform better in local search.


So, how does one find appropriate directories for their niche, and how can one tell which directories are of value?


5 Directory Submission Ideas for Local and Global Online Businesses


BTW: Massive Links made the Top 50 Directories for 2013 list.

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