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Collateral Damage or Legitimate Link Penalty?

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Has your site been hit as collateral damage due to the Google Penguin updates?  Or did you deserve a legitimate link penalty?


In an interview I did with Eric Enge he had this to say about sites becoming “collateral damage” when it comes to the Penguin update;

It can definitely happen. Google does try to avoid it, but some people are impacted unintentionally. However, at the risk of offending some people (not my intent), most of the people who believe they were unjustly penalized are simply not aware of the things they did that were wrong.

I think Eric hit the nail right on the head. Most site owners don’t set out to “trick” Google with their SEO campaign.

- See more at: http://www.brickmarketing.com/blog/legitimate-link-penalty.htm#sthash.UQpZPk4t.dpuf


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Who knows?

One week I get 10% more Google referals the next it goes down 10%, then back up again.

The number of Bing referals is consistant.

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I have also experienced very voaltile upsa and downs in recent months, since the major Google updates. Although they are trying to avoid causing collateral damage, but sometimes mistakes to occur and webmasters who have been doing quite legin optimization might experience drop in ranks and traffic.

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