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Keep the missles out of Syria!

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Whilst no one on the planet, except those responsible, can condone the use of chemical weapons on anyone, let alone innocent children, how can the launching of Tomahawk cruise missles on Syria be a solution?


These will inevitably kill more people including children.

The only way forward is for a UN task force to be based in Syria and keep the peace and search and destroy chemical weapons.


It is high time US, British and other country's politicians stopped using disputes in countries for their own political posturing and promotion and to distract their electorate from the dire state of affiars at home.


One more thing!


If the US,Britain and others stopped selling weapons to countries in the first place, perhaps there would be fewer wars!


"War what is it good for, absolutely nothing, say it again!"

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So at least my country isn't going to be bombing children in Syria anytime soon.

Our elected Members of Parliament did what 70% of British people they represented wanted and voted against joining the US in military action in Syria.


So Cameron's war mongering  motion was defeated.


Now the french say they will join the US in military action. 

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