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hardly any visitors after 12 months!

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I am at a total loss why my website Impulsewebdesign.co.uk does not register many visiotrs in Google analytics.


For August Google says I had just 15 visits.

My host Analytics  says that I get around 40-50 a day and had 1042 (2 Aug to 29 Aug)

It also indicates that of those 1025 were "direct" and only 1 from Google 1041 from "other search engines"


Something is stopping my website getting ranked.

I am #2 for "impulse web design"  in Google.


Another thing I noticed was on my dashboard on webmaster tools there is no picture of the home page. Not sure if this is significant.


As far as I know my website is accessible 24/7.


Can anyone offer any advice and help please.


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Google Analytics only counts those that have Javascript allowed to run.


Direct hits means they have your site bookmarked or typed in the url themselves.


No one is going to look for your company name unless they have heard of you or been referred to you (referrals could be part of the direct hits if you have been getting the word out).


Web design is a very competitive market.


What have you done to promote the site?

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I havent done anything to promote it (link building and advertising etc) so direct hits are a mystery!

Could be seacrh engines perhaps?


My blog is just five months old and has just 30 posts yet it is getting 40 times  the traffic my web design site gets.

Surely by just chance alone, some search terms would be giving me traffic?

Dont know why google analytics is so low when actual is so high even allowing for javascript enable.

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