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How to Increase Your Facebook ROI Without Wasting Time & Money

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For those struggling with the ROI for Facebook:




The Key to Social Media Marketing


It’s 1000 times easier to promote and receive interested parties if you use content that educates and informs, and doesn’t sell.

That’s because people aren’t on Facebook to interact with your brand. They don’t care about your brand. They care about seeing what their friends are up to, and how their family is doing.


So you need to catch their attention and interest by targeting their needs (based on your understanding from market research — you are researching your customers, right?!), and providing valuable things — content, video, discounts, etc. — that gets them to show intent and gets you permission to follow up through another means.


The sale comes later after building awareness and engagement, and then… value in what you offer.


How to Increase Your Facebook ROI Without Wasting Time & Money

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