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Fabio Cuffaro

Auction Insights Report - AdWords

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Google recently announced an update to the Auction Insights report. Previously you were able to only view this report one keyword at a time. Now the report allows you to select groups of keywords, Individual or multiple ad groups, Individual or multiple campaigns. This now allows people the opportunity to view where they stack up against the competition on a larger scale. 


What is the Auction Insights Report?


The Auction Insights Report allows you to compare your AdWords performance against your competitors for the same auctions. The auction takes place when multiple ads show for a search result. For example: if you are looking to by a guitar online and you search for "Buy guitar online"  you will get two sets of results: organic and paid. The paid ones are the ones we are talking about. Those ads have now been placed in a certain order based on the bid amount for the keyword and Quality Score. The  Auction Insights Report allows us to see how we compare to other bidders for that term, and now for multiple terms.


Below you can see what the report looks like:




How do you run the report?


Step One:

  1. To run the report go to your AdWords account:
  2. Click the Campaigns tab.
  3. Click the Keywords tab.
  4. Click the "Filter" button above your statistics table.
  5. Click "Create filter."

Step Two:

  1. From the filter click on the drop down menu and choose "Auction insights"
  2. Click Available (By clicking Available, the report will show you the words that you will be able to see the Auctions Insights Reports for. You may click one keywords, several, or all) 
  3. Save the filter by clicking "Save Filter".
  4. Click Apply

Step Three:

  1. Click the "Details" box at the top of the statistics table.
  2. In the dropdown menu, under “Auction insights,” click “All” or “Selected."

You will now be able to see the report which will be similar to the image above.


For details on what the columns mean visit Using auction insights to compare performance on Google Support for AdWords. 

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