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Please review my new website.

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  I was wondering if  you can look at my site. I am new to this and need some feedback.
Here is the site www.sayyestoadvocare.com


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It’s a business website. I think you can read this article first:

30 fresh WordPress business themes” on www.webdesignerdepot.com

to get some inspiration and know how a professional, neat business web in this age looks like.

Choosing a WordPress business theme might be a short cut for you.

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Fisrt of all I really dont like RED on a website.  With Black it looks dreadful!


Your font needs tidying up a bit, better to be justified or to the left.


The menu navigation can be much better than just text links too.

You can get simple to use CSS drop down menus on the web. CoffeeCup springs to mind.


It needs quite a few more pages and a great deal more content.

I would suggest adding some testimonials if you can get any.



The best way to lose weight is not to eat so much!  (and avoid sugar!)

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