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What is Facebook Graph Search ?

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Hi There,

  What is facebook graph search. What kind of thing can be searched in Facebook graph search and what will be future of this new search pattern.

   Does it will boom search engine for searching for that particular types of things and may it become a marketing platform.

What you think ?

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What is Facebook Search Graph?


Facebook is basically a massive blob of tagged entries; tagged photos of your cat, a tag designating the pizza place you checked into last weekend, tags for the roller derby you participated in with your friends from work, etc. Everything is part of a large taxonomy, a giant whirl of content. Facebook Graph Search gives users the ability to cut into that content and take out a meaningful slice.


Graph Search indexes four main types of content: people, places, photos, and interests. Users can search across these categories using verbs that also work as search modifiers: lives, likes, works; nouns, such as friends, restaurants, New York, pizza; prepositions such as before, with, or in; pronouns, such as who, him, or her. Using these modifiers, you could come up with searches like “friends who like dogs who live in Seattle”, or “photos of pizza restaurants in Cannon Beach”. Only content that is publicly viewable is available in Facebook’s Search Graph; in other words, if a user has set their settings to be private, than their information will not show up and their content will not be indexed in the internal search.

Read the complete article here: Facebook Graph Search: What It Means for Developers

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