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Fabio Cuffaro

Let The Battle Over Internet Freedom Begin

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In December there will be a closed door meeting that will decide the fate of the Internet. Countries are proposing that the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) govern the Internet instead of the current organizations that run the open Internet. If the ITU takes hold of running policies for the Internet we will experience an incredible shift in how things are.


The world over the last decade has changed so much because of the Internet. Communication is key and that's what a small group of people who run countries and large companies are afraid of. Regimes in certain countries are afraid of two things with an open Internet: freedom of speech and anonymity. Free thinking people with opinions that oppose a state, religion, culture, etc.. are looked upon as radicals that need to be quieted. Conform or be vanquished.


Imagine this. Currently you are reading this article that is opposing these changes and you are now becoming aware of this issue unless you read it before. Let's take moment to think that this content may eventually be filtered out and no one able to read it. Let's take it to an extreme. I would be jailed for opposing and voicing my opinion. Do you find this odd? It's happening now, in this day and age all over the world in countries with oppressive regimes. Guess what? It's coming if the ITU starts running things. It'll be coming to North America, Europe, Australia and anywhere else that doesn't have oppressive regimes.


It's now, with our voices and as a group, that we can shift things around. When people rally as a whole, the few in power become afraid and finally conform to the desire of the people. Our freedom, especially in western countries is being challenged and taken away year after year. Now is the time to make a stand.


To help out you can sign up to this website: Protect Global Internet Freedom


To read more visit these pages http://openmedia.ca/...surprise-attack and http://ca.news.yahoo...95--sector.html

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