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Fabio Cuffaro

Facebook Timeline Photo Dimensions

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Photos today as we know, are extremely powerful to get messages across to a target market. People take photos of everything. I know I do. It's so easy with smartphones nowadays to take pictures and share with others through the various platforms available to us. Pinterest has skyrocketed because of it.


Having the right dimensions in a Facebook page is critical to being able to get the message across. From the cover photo to the images that you post. On one account that I work on, when I post an image I always make sure to resize it so that it fits properly. I occasionally highlight photos which allows an image to spread across both columns on the page. So what are the dimensions?


Dimensions in pixels


  • Cover Photo - 851 x 315
  • Profile Photo - 180 x 180
  • Custom Tab Photo or Logo - 111 x 74
  • Shared Photo - 403 x 403
  • Highlighted Photo - 843 x 403
  • Milestone Photo - 843 x 403
  • Custom Tab Page - 810

There you have it. Next time you post an image on your Facebook page timeline or a client's, make sure to resize it to maximize the exposure.

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