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Fabio Cuffaro

Google Shopping Now Global

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Google Shopping on October 17, 2012 went from a free way for businesses to add products to search to commercial in the U.S. Google Shopping is tied in with Google AdWords so if you want to see your products listed, you will have to pay for it.


Today Google announced that it has now gone global. Many people have complained about Google going commercial with this feature, but it's normal. Who's not going to complain about having to pay for something when it was previously free.


The days of free stuff is slowly dwindling and we have to face the reality that the internet is being run by large corporations and many, many small businesses. With that being said, be happy that you know so that you can adapt now to the changes.


What do you think about the approach that Google is taking?

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I think most of the complaining merchants are those who chose very competitive markets to sell their wares in.


They could still rank in the general search results if they optimized their sites properly. One thing that is not understood very well is the concept of traffic. Everyone wants tonnes of traffic. They look at these stats without considering the conversion rate. Tonnes of traffic without sales doesn't work but lower traffic numbers from targeted visitors that converts to a sale is a much better senario.


Like Adwords, this is going to get expensive if your don't know what you are doing.


If ya wanta play with the Big Boys ya gotta act like one too. ;) That means actually having a reasonable advertising budget.

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Exactly! The great thing with AdWords is that you can actually measure how profitable keywords are.


I haven't had the chance to work with Google Shopping yet. I look forward to the opportunity.

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