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Keyword Targeting

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From my blog on Massive Links. This post explains the different type of keyword match types and briefly on search and display ads. There are four keyword match types and they all have a different effect on when they show up in the search results.


When you visit Google.com and search for a particular term you will get back search results that are relevant to the keyword that you used. For example: if you were to search using the term Plumbers Montreal you would get back two sets of results. Organic and paid listings. Since this blog entry is about AdWords I will only focus on the paid listings. Below you will see a screenshot of the search results. The paid listings can be found on the top, the first three with a light yellow background and on the right, below the map. The only time an advertiser pays is when the ad is clicked on. This type of advertising is called PPC (Pay Per Click) and within AdWords it is called CPC (Cost Per Click). There are different ways an advertiser can pay for the ads. CPC is one of them.


AdWords Keyword Targeting

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