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Google Reconsideration Requests

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Info on submitting a reconsideration request to Google:


If your site isn't appearing in Google search results, or it's performing more poorly than it once did (and you believe that it does not violate our Webmaster Guidelines), you can ask Google to reconsider your site.


Request reconsideration of your site.


Reconsideration requests


There is a video on that page with tips on submitting your reconsideration request.

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Surprisingly they do! but they automate everything else.


What would be helpful for me would be to be able to go to Google's offices and have 30mins with someone to find out what i need to do.

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I got this e mail yesterday and thought I would share it as many people seem to be "suffering" google!


"One of the problems with doing a reconsideration request is that it can go wrong. Initially when a penalty is applied it is often done so

algorithmically, hence when reconsideration requests take place this is often the first time anyone at Google has actually looked at the


There are a number of things you need to consider,


1) is the site full of obviously paid or spammy links which violate Googles rules? If this is the case and the ranks are still respectable

then even by removing a few links will not be enough and Google may consider the action not severe enough. At which point they may apply

more penalties, read on for a case history.


2) the other scenario for caution is when you have many sites which are interconnected, using the same IP or connected in Google webmaster

tools or analytics etc. Google use data from all their sources to collate information which they can use to connect sites together, the

logic being if the site owner is guilty of doing something suspect on one site, often they would do it on others connected and I have

physically seen Google penalize a site after someone did a reconsideration request on a site which was connected to it in



The only way I would consider doing a reconsideration request would be that you were cleaner than clean, all bad links had been removed,

(with less than 20% being disavowed) and no other site being at risk for a penalty, i.e not on the same IP, or using the same Google



For a telling case history where things have gone drastically wrong see below story from one client didn't listen to our advise.



Hi Steve/Jason


Thanks for this.


Regarding google's disavow tool, for your interest, in late April 2011 one of our sites got punished slightly for what google deemed we're

unnatural/artificial links. We dropped about 5 pages for our primary single keyword. We followed google's instructions and removed lots of questionable links. In

regard to rankings everything remained the same until we contacted them for a reassessment. 2 weeks after our request our site plummeted

exactly 10 pages, our keyword rank was around #150. Google responded with another message saying 'we still see unnatural/artificial links -

please rectify this and contact us for reassessment etc.'


Obviously we were not keen to contact them again as it seems they loaded us with a manual penalty for contacting them as they



Anyway 6 months had passed. We tried to do everything in our power to remove questionable links, and no positive movement in rankings, only

slightly negative. We had to do something.


Then google released their disavow tool. We rather stupidly compiled a list of links we wanted them to ignore and uploaded it to their

system, again as advised, we followed up with a polite and informative email telling them all the links we removed, the links we have no

control over (hence the disavow list).


10 days after sending the message our site has dropped off the map for its primary keyword. Looks like an ever harder manual penalty.


Disgusting behaviour on their behalf. Google are obviously bunch of not to be trusted tosspots sitting behind a playful logo.



Anyway.. just sharing my experience :) may be useful to tell other members!






a follow up email said this:


Hi Steve,


Yes, fcckers mate. I knew deep down I shouldn't be contacting them. My trusting side combined with other stuff I'd been reading convinced me

otherwise (even though I gulped after hitting the submit button) - I should have listened to you guys I saw you were skeptical right from

the off.


On the other side of the note, one of our other sites, ....com which I believe had some penalty on it, is beginning to recover

nicely. We took the opposite approach and decided to just remove links, keep shtum and watch what happens. After removing about 15

links, and in just under a month we have noticed positives changes in ranking.


You're welcome to send it out to clients if it helps.



So there's quite a story here, this could make the SEO world take a very different view of reconsideration requests..."

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