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jQuery help needed

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I have a cookie widget on my website and have tried to use lightboxes.

But the lightbox only works on a new page and wont work with the cookie code.

I made a post on the software forum and this was the advcie I got:


Do you have two references in the source code to jquery?

It then linked to this:


"A number of threads over the past few months have been about jQuery sliders, galleries, lightboxes etc not functioning when placed on the same page, or even web site. In other words, the scripts are in conflict with each other. In a number of instances the use of jQuery noConflict has resolved the issue.


There are a number of options when applying jQuery noConflict to scripts, and I have listed four of the most common examples along with explanatory notes.

These can be seen here"



I have no idea how to go about this.

Can anyone talk me through this in simple steps please?

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