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DNS for email?

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First, I haven't been around the forum for ages, so, hi to anyone who remembers me. :)


I volunteered to redo a website for a nonprofit. They are using Google Sites now, I'm going to put them on a regular hosting plan and use WordPress.


But they have their org emails going thru the Google site, with the org name. Example; kathy@nonprofit.org. They don't want to make any changes to the email accounts. I asked a question in the Google sites forum, and I got this response;

"Make sure you add the google MX records on your new hosting company's nameservers."

And....I have no idea what that means.


Can anyone tell me what I'm supposed to do?


Oh, and once I point the domain name to the new host account, does anyone know how I can figure out the Google site url?

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Unless for some reason they are tied to Google, when you set up their new hosting, create the exact same email addresses at the web hosting.


Once you change the DNS information to the new hosting the stock answer is it takes 24-48 hours for all the DNS to catch up with the new information.


If they have their email tied into Gmail or any other Google service, you might have to do something else. Never done that because I don't think it is a good plan.

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