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What do you read on SEO, SMO, SMM?

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Where and how you learn, read the news about the SEO, SMO, SMM?

What news can you believe? Have you in mind such checked sources?


And indeed that may be useful to read every day on this subject?

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You want me to list all 521 blog RSS feeds I follow? :)


Ok, here are the major players:

Search Engine Land & Marketing Land - Danny Sullivan

SEOmoz - Ranfish

Bruce Clay Inc.

Michael Gray - Graywolf's SEO blog

Search Engine Journal



To get your info straight from the horse's mouth:

Google Webmaster Central and Official blogs. They also have GoogleWebmasterHelp on Youtube.

Bing Webmaster Central blog.


Happy reading!

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there are many sources. Main - is the official news from the search engines. I read the Google blogs.

More detailed information can be found at independent portals, such as here http://bizzteams.com

There are interviews, reviews of exhibitions taking place, news on SEO, SMO, SMM. Updated frequently, so you can always stay up to date.

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