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Please read before posting - Site Reviews

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Please read before posting -


Some general things to keep in mind. We realize that not everyone is a professional webmaster (everyone starts somewhere) The beauty of this is it doesn't matter. Whether your a newbie, a web design pro, or just someone that surfs alot. Your still a website visitor! And as a website owner you should take all thoughts into consideration.


For newbies you should include some meat in your reviews, so heres a quick guide...


Load time How quickly did the site load for you? If you weren't reviewing the site and just stumbled upon the site, would you have waited for it to finish loading? Or would you have clicked off? Also helpful when posting about load times... let us know what kind of connection your using. For example : The site took almost 2 minutes to load with DSL!


Navigation How easy was it to find your way around? Could you find what you were looking for?


Text / Content These are really two diffrent things, Text - was it easy on your eyes? Could you read it? Content were you able to read through the main page and understand what the site is about? Did it seem that the webmaster only wrote the content on the main page to please the Search Engines (A.K.A. spammy content)


Overall Layout How did the site look to you overall? Was there something that stuck out to you that should be changed? This is the beauty of anyone and everyone reviewing a site! You may see something that a team of pros have overlooked 100 times! Important when reviewing the overall layout if you say that something looked out of place, didn't load properly, etc... let us know what Browser (IE, FireFox, Mozilla,Opera,Safari,etc..) and what platform - Windows, Linux, Mac, etc...



Also keep in mind while reviewing, If you review someone else's website they are more inclined to review your website. It's called recripicol reviewing (and everyone submitting a site for review should take the time to do what they are asking others to do for their site)


Please no one liner reviews, if you're just going to say "nice site" or "I liked it" your not doing anyone any favors, Your basically saying that your opinion doesn't count... Also don't be afraid to tell someone what you don't like!


Keep in mind that this is a great resource to help webmasters / website owners refine their sites and make Positive changes that viewers would enjoy! Happy reviewing ;)





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Since the only replies we get in this thread are spam I'm closing it, if you have a issue or anything that needs added to this thread please PM a mod, you can find them in Forum Leaders on the main page or just PM me.



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We've had a majority of the new site reviews placed in the wrong spot. It's hard to differentiate the honest members who want there sites reviewed from the spammers who want self-promotion. A moderator will try their best to distinguish them but it's not always possible. If you want your site reviewed and it gets placed in the wrong forum don't flip because it got deleted. If you want to get critiqued on anything post it here in "The Showroom". A moderator doesn't always have the time to PM or warn users before a thread is deleted, for the high amount of spam we recieve it'd be strenuous and time consuming. Thanks!


~JakeMod & Team

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