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Read this before posting - Logo reviews (Last Updated 2/1/09)

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Logo Reviews


Please read before posting your logo for review -


Here are some simple rules for posting a logo for review and how to review logos for newbies...


1.) Use the company name of the logo in the Subject line For example : for a review of TWT's logo the subject line should read Total Web Talk logo.


2.) Use the logo in your post - This is very simple, just insert the location of the logo on the WWW and surround it with an opening tag and close it with a closing tag

For example [img ]http://www.totalwebtalk.com/images/FINALLOGO250.jpg[ /img] (with the spaces taken out would show




3.) Put some meat in your review - No one liner reviews please! Put some thought into what you liked, what you'd suggest, what you'd like to see, etc...


4.) No SPAM - Spam as with most forums will not be tollerated! Any excessive posting with only Shameless Self Promotion in mind will be deleted.


5.) No Porn, Adult content, or explicit material Logos - If it's not acceptable to be seen by anyone under the age of 18 yrs old then please don't post it! Offending logos will be removed by the Moderator staff


6.) Reviews - Anyone can submit a logo for review. The purpose of this forum is to get feedback from experts and peers, Constructive criticism is wanted, abuse isn't!


7.)Give information - Also be sure to give some company background, What it is that you do, what you want to convey to the general public, what makes your company unique?


(When posting a new logo for review please be sure to click the "post new topic" button

and when reviewing a logo please be sure to click the "reply to topic" button to help avoid confusion, Please create a new topic for each logo you want reviewed.)


Most importantly remember to have fun ;) This is not a dress rehearsal folks, you only get one shot at life, enjoy it!






Just a quick reminder I've noticed that some people are falling back to "I like it" "It's cool, and bright" please note the recent rule is still in effect and we would appreciate if you guys could read and comply with the rules stated above.




JakeMod & Team

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