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What is Server Load Balancing?

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Server load balancing or server clustering as it is also called is the process of distributing the server load evenly among a cluster of servers. This process is useful for any type of server such as the application server and the database server that experiences a great flood of traffic. This is especially useful when a company only owns one server and their website is just starting to become popular.


A managed server is the primary benefit of this process. Website subscribers no longer have to wait for a few minutes for the web pages to load. The efficient distribution of traffic also improves the performance of the network or the server in question. The guarantee that a managed server will not be overwhelmed by a flood of traffic will also ensure that there are no sudden activity fluctuations within the network.


With server load balancing, systems such as Internet Relay Chat websites, File Transfer Protocol and New Network Transfer Protocol sites, Domain Name Servers and popular websites no longer have to experience downtimes or erratic activity fluctuations. This could not only improve the kind of service that a company offers. It also guarantees that the a server upgrade will not be needed for a long time.

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