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Guest ikjcnjah

Constructing webpage basics?

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Guest ikjcnjah

I need to apply what I have read on HTML and CSS, I wish to start from the very basics and build on that step by step so I will appreciate some help and patience please to make sure I understand every symbol in a code.


First thing, what's the very first things you pro's do when planning to build a site? Do you draw out layout on paper?

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The first thing you should do, before starting to sketch out the layout, is plan the website.


  1. Purpose of the website. Why are you building the site/blog?
  2. Determine the target audience. Who do you want to target and what do they like.
  3. Technical stuff you need - website technologies you need to be able to use.
  4. Website hosting costs. Determined by the technologies you want to use, how much space you need and how much bandwidth you need.
  5. Your budget - which determines if you can have the technical stuff you want and the hosting required.

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For this it would be better for you to go to some instructor who can explained you this language well. But if you do not having any availability of instructor then be, their is no need to worry. YOU can learn by yourself if you can capable to understand the things from different tutorial then you become capable to design and develop Website Templates . The tutorial which I would like to suggest you is w3schools and webmantra.

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Hi, Greetings guys!!


Here are Few Elements of Good Graphic Designing


1. Suitable Fonts & typography

2. Effective Color scheme

3. Excited Graphic & Images

4. Basic Web Layout

5. Trickling & Web Navigation

6. Easily to Accessible & Useable



What are the others ?







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