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Get Your New WordPress Blog Indexed In 24 Hours [checklist]

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Installing a WordPress blog is very easy – as easy as its famous “five-minute installation”. Getting indexed by search engines is another thing.


Here's what I do to get indexed by Google in less than 24 hours – your mileage may vary.


Read more: http://www.searchenginepeople.com/blog/wordpress-google-indexing.html#ixzz1GH5lzqAc


Missing from the list:

Site map - the traditional kind ;) Sitemap Generator Plugin for Wordpress


What I'd avoid that is on the list:

-XML sitemaps - too many people have problems with them which does more harm than good. Even Matt Cutts says do the traditional site map first and if you have time add the XML sitemap.


-too many plugins - slows down the rendering of your blog


-adding ping services - Wordpress comes with a default of pinging pingomatic.com. If you ping the same services more than once you could get banned for pinging too much

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