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Over the past few months I've collected some funny video clips and have posted them in this forum. I've decided to group them and create one thread for them all so that you can enjoy them over and over. I'm going to keep on adding them and updating this thread. I find that watching these clips helps me to put me in a better mood. I hope you enjoy them.


This one really cracked me up. Treadmill


Going to work on Monday and coming home from work on Friday .


It's a good thing that this one was banned commercial


Here's another one for you guys. Sumo


This one really made me laugh. CrackSpackle


Take a look at this one pretty funny Elastic Band.


Take a look at this commercial from Playstation 2. Commercial


These were already posted before. Some members may have already seen them.


Here's a couple more.


Lee Evans air drums


First day on the job as a First Aid. Poor soccer player.

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I uploaded this clip from family guy i cant stop laughing




The funniest Family Guy clip I've seen is the Chicken Fight and the expired coupon. Also, the one when his wife slaves around the house, cleaning, cooking, etc. and he comes home from fishing/drinking with the boys and says "What about some me time? You know, I spoil you!"

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Great list guys!


I have a fairly extensive list in the flash forum at WPW I'll go sort through the good ones and post them here...


If you haven't seen this yet it's a must see especially for anyone that owns a Dell! Smell computers tech support *disclaimer no drinking anything hot... it may come out your nose and ruin your screen!






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Ok I promised that I would post these...


And I will try to put them in order of my favs :D


http://www.joecartoon.com probably the best out there I have spent hours watching these cartoons!


http://jibjab.com These guys were huge during the elections, still funny



The funniest Michael Jackson game I've ever seen, try to get to level 4 you get a night vision rifle :rofl:


http://www.oddtodd.com/hw.html part 1 and

http://www.oddtodd.com/index2.html part 2 Very funny sense of humor...


And of course the above mentioned Smell computer tech support video is a riot you can view that http://www.illwillpress.com/tech.html here!



Best video to send to that friend that is constantly sending you chain letters!



anyone heard of Group X ? and the song Bang Bang Bang? funny flash animation to go with the song...


http://www.williamhung.net/flash/free_willy.cfm And who doesn't love William Hung? This was originally a diffrent flash concept called 'I made a poop' which you can see http://i.flowgo.com/greetings/madeapoop/madeapoop.swf here....


And the rest of these were posts in the old thread at WPW my favs are all above but these are also noteworthy ;) Have fun, there's hours of video here for the viewing!


























L8 M8's



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Nice Kirk :lol:


I had one similar to that one where it was a car commercial and you could see a white mist next to the car in the commercial... the instructions were to look closely as the car made the last corner then BAM! there it was... If I can find it I'll post it up... still fun to scare ppl with :P


L8 M8's



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