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Back Up of your Files through Mail ---BackupElf

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BackupElf is recently launch web service that let you backup files via email.


This is How it works-: simply attach your files to an email message and send them all to save@backupelf.com.

There’s no need to sign-up as the service will automatically create a new account when it receives the first message from your email address.


If you want to link your multiple email accounts, you can link them all to your main BackupElf account. Any file attachments sent from one of your email addresses will also be stored in the same account. Internally, it stores everything on Amazon S3 servers.


You can log into the BackupElf website to retrieve your email backups. The free version offers 100 MB of storage space or you can go for a paid plans for additional space.


The biggest competitor is the email program itself. That’s because when you send files for backup via email, they are also getting stored in the Sent Items folder and that’s an equally reliable option for backup.

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